Thursday, August 25, 2011

Irene, earthquakes and a new camera

Thats whats been going on around here lately, supposed to get some from the hurricane this saturday, had an earthquake a few days ago in VA that we could feel down here. Also my awesome wife got us, we, me a new camera so im stoked, getting into taking pictures even more focusing more on takin shots that i wouldn't before.

We took a trip over to greenville this past weekend and did some exploring and train documentation, saw some old rambler's a few Conrail Twittys, and a some fresh squirrels ;) . It was a blast heard something running through the bushes that i didn't see but it scared me to death, being only a fence away from g-ville's tough backstreets it wasn't cool to hear things running in your direction while your standing around by yourself with a shiny new camera, lucky it didn't see me either and we made it back safely.

I still have to put some pics up so stay tuned for updates also check out my flickr for all train related photos by clicking the link on the side of the page>>>>

I will keep you updated on this hurricane.....


Monday, August 1, 2011

yo get into it

"we hope there is solution in these days so we wait for new ideas to get us away. where to start. where to break and let go. where to move. where to look and where to grow. covered in blanket statements try to break free again and again. we move past these empty walls. start to look for our connections to get us through someday soon. always remember to send out the glowing praises as we look to attempt to get out of these boxes. we need to get out of these boxes. we'll break away one of these days and tell ourselves there are no connections to these screens"

...been a long time since a post....Felt like i been to busy to write me thoughts a second time, one should be good enough i write in a journal about everyday things drawings pics, that's what i like about writing in that its way more personal and you can do whatever you want in it paste pics draw creatures attach letters from my flickr peeps...etc i guess you can do a lot of that on the Internet but it just doesn't have that same feel that a pages have after you write on them the feel of old ink on paper you can't beat it, my monitor is flat and boring my journal is road worn and tells a story by its self....guess thats my excuse for not writing in 2 months ha ha

Just got back from an awesome trip to MD to see family and brand new baby nephew Dalton. What a great time its a shame the weekends only 2 days, why did we do that to our selves, why couldn't we have worked 2 days and had off 5 days...really what are we doing...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

remember when time was all we had?

30 seconds of hate....

Why do you have to pull out in front of me when theres nobody behind me for miles, then you speed up only to turn at the next street light.
Seriously, i don't care how fast your mustang is!!

Week is going good so far I'm still breathing, mason is doing great, he had a blast at music fest loves seeing the bands play, I got to see alot of people i don't normally get to see bands and friends! Wanted to take boat out this weekend with the Fam however boat has been in the barn all winter and half of summer last year so she needs a lil work hoping to get it ready for this weekend its supposed to be sunny and hot!! My father had a birthday the other day and got to go to a nascar race at Dover (monster mile) pretty happy for him to get to see one i haven't been in a few years now its something that every one should experience in their life, just a good time all around, even better if you are camping!!

Speaking of Camping i want to start planning for a camping trip this summer for the boys, we started a "Man-cation" two years back in the fall, went camping in Nutbush, NC ha ha, was cool had some good buddy's from Maryland meet me there, went up by myself, nobody here wanted to do it. Last year i drove up to Ocean City Md, for a car show same crowd from camping trip was good too, this year need to find somewhere good and in the middle so we all have equal driving distance. Ill keep ya posted.

Over and Out,

class of 52' BFT

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beaufort Music Festival

Got some good music coming to Beaufort this weekend for the 23rd Beaufort Music Fest!! Glad to see that Justin Townes Earle is headlining (Saturday) and Chatham County Line on Friday, the fest is free and its down on the waterfront, can't beat it!! Would get into details on how good JTE is but ill let his music do the talking :) He does have an interesting story though, growing up as son of Steve Earle, addicted to drugs at 12yrs old. Also CCL can't be missed so check these guys out and the others that are playing all day as well, come out and show your support keep this thing going!!!

Going to start a new part of the blog dedicated to the things that i hate/annoy me. yea i am going to share my pain with y'all. I came up with this idea when i had one happen to me.....

Have you ever been talking to someone telling them a story or explaining how something works, the person your talking to is paying attention or at least pretending, when you see them divert there eyes to another person in the room/area and then quickly look back at you and each time they do that there interest falls out and then a lil smirk appears, then you turn around and the other guy is shaking there head with either disbelief, disapproval.. or even mocking/making jokes.

I'm sure i have done this sometime in my life too, but its still annoying!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family Ties

Happy easter!! 85'
Happy belated easter haha
Sure have been slacking on this blog!!! My sister and her fam are on the way down and im excited, not only has it been a while but they are staying for almost a week!! Its going to be good to spend some long overdue time with them. She is coming to take pictures for the Beaufort Food and Wine weekend, this will be her second year doing it, i couldn't be prouder! She is extremly gifted and has a huge heart for it, speaking of huge haha she is preggers, i feel bad that she is going to have to do alot of walking around, and looking at all the wine and beer and not be able to try any! Anyway im happy for her and can't wait to see them, esp. my lil niece!! also to try her husbands homeade wine....very good stuff.

always looking out for my safety

love this one!!!

Also i am co hosting an event at backstreet pub called "be here..for beer" apparently the mayor made Beauforts welcome slogan "Be here" so we improvised haha. It is a beer dinner, 4 beers from Natty Greene's of greensboro, paired with a meal by the talented Chef Anthony Garnett of Coral Bay Club in Atlantic Beach that goes with each unique taste.

so come on out!!! theres something for everybody.

go here for ticket info

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fist City

Getting together with friends is always a good time! this weekend we are traveling up to Richmond VA, to see lindz bestie and her husband. Im excited too, last time we saw them it was their wedding which was awesome, this time there will be a lil less going on and get more 1on1! Looking forward to getting on the road again...Will post pics so stay tuned!! over&out